IP/MPLS, ATM and Frame Relay Forum Specifications

IP/MPLS Forum, MFA Forum and MPLS &Frame Relay Alliance Specifications
SpecificationDownload/ViewDate Approved
BGP Autodiscovery and Signaling for VPWS-Based VPN ServicesBGP Autodiscovery and Signaling for VPWS-Based VPN ServicesIP/MPLS Forum 22.0.0
April 2009
Abstract Test Suite for TDM Services over MPLSTR-248/ATP-248 (IP/MPLS FORUM 23.0.0)
February 2009
Certification Abstract Test Suite for MFAF 12.0.1IP/MPLS Forum 21.0.0
October 2008
MPLS in Mobile Backhaul Networks Framework and Requirements Technical SpecificationIP/MPLS Forum 20.0.0
October 2008
MPLS Inter-Carrier Interconnect (MPLS-ICI) Technical SpecificationIP/MPLS Forum 19.0.0
April 2008
Soft Permanent Virtual Circuit Interworking between MPLS Pseudowires and ATMMFA Forum 18.0.0
September 2007
Performance Monitoring Across Multiservice NetworksMFA Forum 17.0.0
April 2007
Multi-Service Interworking - IP Over MPLSMFA Forum 16.0.0
February 2007
Multi-Service Interworking – Frame Relay and ATM Service Interworking over MPLSMFA Forum 15.0.0
January 2007
High Probability of Completion (HPOC)
Version 1.0
MFA Forum 14.0.0
November 2006
Fault Management for Multiservice Interworking over MPLS
Version 1.0
MFA Forum 13.0.0
June 2006
Multi-Service Interworking - Ethernet over MPLSIP/MPLS Forum 12.0.1
February 2009
High Speed Connections SpecificationMFA Forum 11.0.0
February 2006

ATM and Frame Relay to MPLS Control Plane Interworking: Client-Server Specification

MFA Forum 10.0.0
September 2006
The Use of Virtual Trunks for ATM/MPLS Control Plane Interworking SpecificationMFA Forum 9.0.0
February 2006
Emulation of TDM Circuits over MPLS Using Raw Encapsulation Implementation AgreementMPLS and Frame Relay Alliance 8.0.0
November 2004
MPLS PVC User to Network Interface Annex B:
MPLS Proxy Admission Control Protocol Implementation Agreement
MPLS and Frame Relay Alliance 7.0.0
October 2004
MPLS Proxy Admission Control Definition Implementation AgreementMPLS and Frame Relay Alliance 6.0.0
October 2004
I.366.2 Voice Trunking Format over MPLS Technical SpecificationIP/MPLS Forum 5.1.0
July 2008
TDM Transport over MPLS using AAL1 Technical SpecificationIP/MPLS Forum 4.1.0
July 2008
LDP Conformance Implementation AgreementMPLS Forum 3.0
December 4, 2002
MPLS-PVC User to Network Interface Implementation AgreementMPLS and Frame Relay Alliance 2.0.1
May 2003
Voice over MPLS Implementation AgreementMPLS Forum 1.0
July 27, 2001
ATM Forum Technical Specifications
TechnicalWorking GroupApproved SpecificationsSpecificationsDate Approved
AIC/ATM-IP Collaboration (formerly LanE)ATM-MPLS Control Plane Network Interworkingaf-aic-0206.000(209kb)May 2005
ATM-MPLS Network Interworking v1.0af-aic-0178.000(101kb)Aug, 2001
LAN Emulation over ATM 1.0 af-lane-0021.000(494kb)Jan, 1995
LAN Emulation Client ManagementSpecification af-lane-0038.000(145kb)Sep, 1995
LANE 1.0 Addendum af-lane-0050.000(24kb)Dec, 1995
LANE Servers Management Spec v1.0 af-lane-0057.000(201kb)Mar, 1996
LANE v2.0 LUNI Interface af-lane-0084.000(912kb)July, 1997
LAN Emulation Client Management Specific Specification Version 2.0 af-lane-0093.000 (218kb)Oct, 1998
Multi-Protocol Over ATM Specification v1.0 af-mpoa-0087.000(321kb)July, 1997
Multi-Protocol Over ATM Version 1.0 MIB af-mpoa-0092.000(190kb)July, 1998
Multi-protocol Over ATM Specification, Version 1.1 af-mpoa-0114.000(993kb)May, 1999
MPOA v1.1 Addendum on VPN Support af-mpoa-0129.000(170kb)Oct, 1999
MPOA Errata af-aic-0160.000(14kb)November, 2000
ATM-MPLS Network Interworking,Version 2.0af-aic-0178.001(460kb)August, 2003
ATM_MPLS Network Interworking(N-to-one mode) Version 1.0af-aic-0196.000(75kb)October, 2003
ArchitectureATM User-Network Interwork Interface(UNI) Specification Version 4.1 af-arch-0193.000(84kb)November, 2002
 AAL1 Circuit Emulation over Packet Switched Networks af-arch-0204.000(600kb)January, 2005
B-ICIB-ICI 1.0 af-bici-0013.000(426kb)Sep, 1993
B-ICI 1.1af-bici-0013.001(972kb)Sep, 1994
B-ICI 2.0 (delta spec to B-ICI 1.1) af-bici-0013.002(553kb)November, 1995
B-ICI 2.0 (integrated specification) af-bici-0013.003(879kb)Dec, 1995
B-ICI 2.0 Addendum or 2.1 af-bici-0068.000(58kb)Nov, 1996
Control SignallingPNNI Addendum on PNNI/B-QSIG Interworking and Generic Functional Protocol for the Support of Supplementary Services af-cs-0102.000 (376kb)Oct, 1998
Addressing Addendum for UNI Signalling 4.0 af-cs-0107.000(20kb)Feb, 1999
PNNI Transported Address Stack, Version 1.0af-cs-0115.000(98kb)May, 1999
PNNI Version 1.0 Security Signaling Addendumaf-cs-0116.000(23kb)May, 1999
UNI Signaling 4.0 Security Addendumaf-cs-0117.000(28kb)May, 1999
ATM Inter-Network Interface (AINI)Specificationaf-cs-0125.000(331kb)July, 1999
ATM Inter-Network Interface (AINI)Specification Version 1.1af-cs-0125.001(284kb)
Contents are identical to af-cs-0125.002 with revision marks
September, 2002
ATM Inter-Network Interface (AINI)Specification Version 1.1af-cs-0125.002(248kb)
Contents are identical to af-cs-0125.001 without revision marks
September, 2002
PNNI Addendum for Generic Application Transport Version 1.0af-cs-0126.000(86kb)July, 1999
PNNI SPVC Addendum Version 1.0af-cs-0127.000(93kb)July, 1999
PHY/MAC Identifier Addendum to UNI Signalling 4.0af-cs-0135.000(124kb)Nov, 1999
Network Call Correlation Identifier v1.0af-cs-0140.000(291kb)March, 2000
PNNI Addendum for Path and Connection Trace, Version 1.0 af-cs-0141.000.(506kb)March, 2000
Operation of the Bearer Independent call control (BICC) Protocol with SIG 4.0/PNNI 1.0-AINIaf-cs-vmoa-0146.000(87kb)July, 2000
UBR with MDCR Addendum to UNI 4.0/PNNI 1.0 AINIaf-cs-0147.000(232kb)July, 2000
Modification of Traffic Descriptor for an Active Connectionaf-cs-0148.000(179kb)July, 2000
Modification of Traffic Paramenters for an Active Connection Signalling Specification (PNNI, AINI, and UNI) Version 2.0af-cs-0148.001(172kb)May, 2001
Behavior Class Selector Signalling Version 1.0af-cs-0159.000(222kb)October, 2000
Guaranteed Frame Rate(GFR)Signalling(PNNI,AINI, and UNI) Version 1.0af-cs-0167.000 (112kb)August, 2001
Domain-based rerouting for active point-to-point calls, Version 1.0af-cs-0173.000 (656kb)August, 2001
Loop Detection, Version 1.0af-cs-0176.000(88kb)April, 2002
Signalling Congestion Control, Version 1.0af-cs-0181.000 (142kb)April, 2002
Call Processing, Version 1.0af-cs-0182.000 (201kb)April, 2002

High Probability of Completion (HPOC)Version 1.0

af-cs-0206.000(437 Kb)
also MFA Forum 14.0.0
November, 2006
Private Network-Network Interface Specification v.1.1 af-pnni-0055.001(2.4mb)
Contents are identical to af-pnni-0055.002 with revision marks
April, 2002
Private Network-Network Interface Specification v.1.1
Contents are identical to af-pnni-005.001 without revision marks
April, 2002
ATM User Network Interface (UNI) Signalling Specification version 4.1 af-sig-0061.001 (436kb)
b>Identical to af-sig-0061.002 with revision marks
April, 2002
ATM User Network Interface(UNI)Signalling Specification Version 4.1 af-sig-0061.002(351kb)
Identical to af-sig-0061.001 without revision marks
April, 2002
Policy Routing, Version 1.0af-cs-0195.000 (652kb)April, 2003
ATM-MPLS Network Interworking Signalling Specification 1.0af-cs-0197.000 (360kb)August, 2003
PNNI Addendum for Path and Connection Trace Version 1.1 (PACT 1.1)af-cs-0141.001 (420kb)February, 2004
Addendum to Policy Routing V1.0 for a Policy Constraint MIBaf-cs-0198.000 (42kb)February, 2004
PNNI Routing Congestion Control, Version 1.0af-cs-0200.000 (144 kb)June, 2004
PNNI Routing
Resynchronization Control, Version 1.0
af-cs-0201.000(253kb)June, 2004
The MIB module for managing ATM Forum PNNI routingaf-cs-0202.000 (133kb)April, 2004
The MIB module for managing ATM Forum PNNI routingaf-cs-0202.001 (142kb)July, 2004
PNNI Addendum for
SVCC-based RCC Diagnostic Test, Version 1.0
af-cs-0203.000 (124kb)January, 2005
PNNI 1.1 Errata Version 1.0af-pnni-0205.000 (157kb)January, 2005
Data Exchange InterfaceData Exchange Interface version 1.0 af-dxi-0014.000 98(kb)Aug, 1993
Directory and Naming ServicesATM Named System v2.0 af-dans-0152.000 208(kb)July, 2000
Frame-based ATMFrame-based ATM Transport over Ethernet (FATE) af-fbatm-0139.000 66(kb)Mar, 2000
Frame-based ATM Transport over Ethernet (FATE) af-fbatm-0139.001(44kb)July, 2002
Frame Based ATM over Sonet/SDHaf-fbatm-0151.000
ILMI (Integrated Local Mgmt. Interface)ILMI 4.0 af-ilmi-0065.000 (281kb)Sep, 1996
Network ManagementCustomer Network Management (CNM)for ATM Public Network Service af-nm-0019.000(51kb)Oct, 1994
M4 Interface Requirements and Logical MIB af-nm-0020.000(233kb)Oct, 1994
M4 Interface Requirements and Logical MIB: ATM Network Element View af-nm-0020.001(838kb)Oct, 1998
CMIP Specification for the M4 Interface af-nm-0027.000(164kb)Sep, 1995
CMIP Specification for the M4 Interface: ATM Network Element View, Version 2 af-nm-0027.001(726kb)July, 1999
M4 Public Network view af-nm-0058.000(344kb)Mar, 1996
M4 Interface Requirements and Logical MIB: ATM Network View, Version 2 af-nm-0058.001(1.0mb)May, 1999
M4 "NE View" af-nm-0071.000(133kb)Jan, 1997
Circuit Emulation Service Interworking Requirements, Logical and CMIP MIB af-nm-0072.000(51kb)Jan, 1997
M4 Network View CMIP MIB Spec v1.0 af-nm-0073.000(172kb)Jan, 1997
M4 Network View Requirements & Logical MIB Addendum af-nm-0074.000(74kb)Jan, 1997
ATM Remote Monitoring SNMP MIB af-nm-test-0080.000(81kb)July, 1997
SNMP M4 Network Element View MIB af-nm-0095.001(198kb)July, 1998
Network Management M4 Security Requirements and Logical MIB af-nm-0103.000(203kb)Jan, 1999
Auto-configuration of PVCs af-nm-0122.000(68kb)May, 1999
Requirements and Logical MIB for Management of Path and Connection Traceaf-nm-0153.000(81kb)April, 2001
ATM Usage Measurement Requirements af-nm-0154.000(390kb)November, 2000
Addendum to te ILMI Autoconfiguration Extension af-nm-0165.000(299kb)April, 2002
M4 Interface: ATM Network View, CORBA MIB, Version 2 af-nm-0185.000(425kb)August, 2002
ATM Performance Management Bulk Data File Structure af-nm-0194.000(58kb)April, 2003
Physical LayerIssued as part of UNI 3.1:44.736 DS3 Mbps Physical Layer 100 Mbps Multimode Fiber Interface  Physical Layer 155.52 Mbps SONET STS-3c   Physical Layer 155.52 Mbps Physical Layer af-uni-0010.002

ATM Physical Medium Dependent Interface Specification for 155 Mb/s over Twisted Pair Cable af-phy-0015.000(74kb)Sep, 1994
DS1 Physical Layer Specification af-phy-0016.000(17kb)Sep, 1994
Utopia af-phy-0017.000(45kb)Mar, 1994
Mid-range Physical Layer Specification for Category 3 UTP af-phy-0018.000(121kb)Sep, 1994
6,312 Kbps UNI Specification af-phy-0029.000(22kb)June, 1995
E3 UNI af-phy-0034.000(23kb)Aug, 1995
Utopia Level 2 af-phy-0039.000(986kb)June, 1995
Physical Interface Specification for 25.6 Mb/s over Twisted Pair af-phy-0040.000(199kb)Nov, 1995
A Cell-based Transmission Convergence Sublayer for Clear Channel Interfaces af-phy-0043.000(14kb)Jan, 1996
622.08 Mbps Physical Layer af-phy-0046.000(79kb)Jan, 1996
155.52 Mbps Physical Layer Specification for Category 3 UTP (See UNI 3.1, af-sig-0010.002, af-sig-0061.002) af-phy-0047.000(124kb)Nov, 1995
120 Ohm Addendum to ATM PMD Interface Spec for 155 Mbps over TP af-phy-0053.000(14kb)Jan, 1996
DS3 Physical Layer Interface Spec af-phy-0054.000(41kb)Mar, 1996
155 Mbps over MMF Short Wave Length Lasers, Addendum to UNI 3.1 af-phy-0062.000(99kb)July, 1996
WIRE (PMD to TC layers) af-phy-0063.000(46kb)July, 1996
E-1 Physical Layer Interface Specification af-phy-0064.000(41kb)Sep, 1996
155 Mbps over Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) Version 1.0 af-phy-0079.000(40kb)May, 1997
155 Mb/s Plastic Optical Fiber and Hard Polymer Clad Fiber PMD Specification Version 1.1 af-phy-0079.001(96kb)Jan, 1999
Inverse ATM Mux Version 1.0 af-phy-0086.000(406kb)July, 1997
Inverse Multiplexing for ATM(IMA) Specification Version 1.1 af-phy-0086.001(943kb)March, 1999
Physical Layer High Density Glass Optical Fiber Annex af-phy-0110.000(108kb)Feb, 1999
622 and 2488 Mbit/s Cell-Based Physical Layer af-phy-0128.000(182kb)July, 1999
ATM on Fractional E1/T1 af-phy-0130.000(25kb)Oct, 1999
2.4 Gbps Physical Layer Specification af-phy-0133.000(62kb)Oct, 1999
2.5 and 10 Gbps Physical Layer Specification af-phy-0133.001(303kb)Oct, 2003
Physical Layer Control af-phy-0134.000(150kb)Oct, 1999
Utopia 3 Physical Layer Interface af-phy-0136.000(1.3mb)Nov, 1999
Specification of the Device Control Protocol (DCP) Version 1.0 af-phy-0138.000(223kb)Mar, 2000
Multiplexed Status Mode (MSM3) af-phy-0142.000(120kb)March, 2000
Frame-Based ATM Interface (Level 3) af-phy-0143.000(175kb)March, 2000
UTOPIA Level 4 af-phy-0144.001(173kb)March, 2000
Cell-Based 1000 Mbit/s (CB1G)Physical Layer Specification
over Single-mode or Multi-mode Fiber and Category 6 Twisted pair Copper Cabling
af-phy-0162.000(192kb)April, 2001
P-NNIInterim Inter-Switch Signaling Protocol af-pnni-0026.000(127kb)Dec, 1994
Private Network-Network Interface Specification V. 1.0 af-pnni-0055.000(1.3mb)Mar, 1996
PNNI 1.0 Addendum (soft PVC MIB) af-pnni-0066.000(43kb)Sep, 1996
PNNI ABR Addendum af-pnni-0075.000(8kb)Jan, 1997
PNNI v1.0 Errata and PICs af-pnni-0081.000(1.5mb)July, 1997
(See PNNI 1.1, af-pnni-0055.001, af-pnni-0055.002)
Routing and AddressingPNNI Augmented Routing (PAR) Version 1.0 af-ra-0104.000(243kb)Jan, 1999
ATM Forum Addressing: User Guide Version 1.0 af-ra-0105.000(115kb)Jan, 1999
ATM Forum Addressing: Reference Guide af-ra-0106.000(152kb)Feb, 1999
PNNI Addendum for Mobility Extensions Version 1.0 af-ra-0123.000(232kb)May, 1999
ATM Bi-Level Addressing Document, Version 1.0 af-ra-0164.000(176kb)April, 2001
Addendum to PNNI, Version 1.0-Secure Routing af-ra-0171.000(65kb)Nov, 2001
Residential BroadbandResidential Broadband Architectural Framework af-rbb-0099.000(161kb)July, 1998
RBB Physical Interfaces Specification af-rbb-phy-0101.000(250kb)Jan, 1999
Service Aspects and ApplicationsFrame UNI af-saa-0031.000(57kb)Sep, 1995
Circuit Emulation af-saa-0032.000(142kb)Sep, 1995
Native ATM Services: Semantic Description af-saa-0048.000(554kb)Feb, 1996
Audio/Visual Multimedia Services: Video on Demand v1.0 af-saa-0049.000(168kb)Jan, 1996
Audio/Visual Multimedia Services: Video on Demand v1.1 af-saa-0049.001(237kb)Mar, 1997
ATM Names Service af-saa-0069.000(80kb)Nov, 1996
FUNI 2.0 af-saa-0088.000(160kb)July, 1997
Native ATM Services DLPI Addendum Version 1.0 af-saa-api-dlpi-0091.000(133kb)February, 1998
API Semantics for Native ATM Services af-saa-0108.000(566kb)Feb, 1999
FUNI Extensions for Multimedia af-saa-0109.000(51kb)Feb, 1999
H.323 Media Transport over ATMaf-saa-0124.000(319kb)July, 1999
SecurityATM Security Framework Version 1.0 af-sec-0096.000(71kb)February, 1998
ATM Security Specification Version 1.0 af-sec-0100.001(1.6mb)Feb, 1999
ATM Security Specification Version 1.1 af-sec-0100.002(1.3mb)March, 2001
Security Specification Version 1.1 Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) Proforma Specification af-sec-0163.000.pdf(49kb)March, 2001
Control Plane Security af-sec-0172.pdf(108kb)Nov, 2001
Methods of Securely Managing ATM Network Elements-Implementation Agreements,Version 1.1 af-sec-0179.000(60kb)April, 2002
Security Services Renegotation Addendum to Security, Verson 1.1 af-sec-0180.000(255kb)March, 2002
Addendum to Security Specification v1.1 - In-Band Security for Simplex Connections af-sec-0187.000
August, 2002
ATM Connection Filtering MIB and Audit Log af-sec-0188.000(69kb)July, 2002
Addendum to Sec 1.1 Secure CBR Traffic in a Policed Network af-sec-0189.000(21kb)July, 2002
Signaling(See UNI 3.1, af-uni-0010.002)
UNI Signalling 4.0 af-sig.0061.000(470kb)July, 1996
Signaling ABR Addendum af-sig-0076.000(8kb)Jan, 1997
(See UNI 4.1, af-sig-0061.001, af-sig-0061.002)
Introduction to ATM Forum Test Specifications af-test-0022.000(48kb)Dec, 1994
PICS Proforma for the DS3 Physical Layer Interface af-test-0023.000(25kb)Sep, 1994
PICS Proforma for the SONET STS-3c Physical Layer Interface af-test-0024.000(28kb)Sep, 1994
PICS Proforma for the 100 Mbps Multimode Fibre Physical Layer Interface af-test-0025.000(23kb)Sep, 1994
PICS Proforma for the ATM Layer (UNI 3.0) af-test-0028.000(48kb)Apr, 1995
Conformance Abstract Test Suite for the ATM Layer for Intermediate Systems (UNI 3.0)af-test-0030.000(158kb)Sep, 1995
Interoperability Test Suite for the ATM Layer(UNI 3.0) af-test-0035.000
Apr, 1995
Interoperability Test Suites for Physical Layer: DS-3, STS-3c, 100 Mbps MMF (TAXI) af-test-0036.000(63kb)Apr, 1995
PICS Proforma for the DS1 Physical Layer af-test-0037.000(23kb)Apr, 1995
Conformance Abstract Test Suite for the ATM Layer (End Systems) UNI 3.0af-test-0041.000(154kb) (.mpversion)(128kb)Jan, 1996
PICS for AAL5 (ITU spec) af-test-0042.000(38kb)Jan, 1996
PICS Proforma for the 51.84 Mbps Mid-Range PHY Layer Interface af-test-0044.000(37kb)Jan, 1996
Conformance Abstract Test Suite for the ATM Layer of Intermediate Systems (UNI 3.1)af-test-0045.000(139kb) (.mpversion)(136kb)Jan, 1996
PICS for the 25.6 Mbps over Twisted Pair Cable UTP-3) Physical Layer af-test-0051.000(30kb)Mar, 1996
Conformance Abstract Test Suite for the ATMAdaptation Layer (AAL) Type 5 Common Part (Part 1) af-test-0052.000(79kb) (.mpversion)(63kbMar, 1996
PICS for ATM Layer (UNI 3.1) af-test-0059.000(47kb)July, 1996
Conformance Abstract Test Suite for the UNI 3.1 ATM Layer of End Systemsaf-test-0060.000(121kb)
June, 1996
Conformance Abstract Test Suite for the SSCOP Sub-layer (UNI 3.1)af-test-0067.000(539kb)
Sep, 1996
SSCOP Conformance Abstract Test Suite, Version 1.1af-test-0067.001(539kb)
May, 1999
PICS for the 155 Mbps over Twisted Pair Cable(UTP-5/STP-5) Physical Layer af-test-0070.000(68kb)Nov, 1996
PICS for Direct Mapped DS3 af-test-0082.000(31kb)July, 1997
Abstract Test Suite for Signalling (UNI 3.1)for the Network Side af-test-0090.000(4.8mb)
September, 1997
ATM Test Access Function (ATAF) Specification Version 1.0 af-test-nm-0094.000(99kb)February, 1998
PICS for Signalling (UNI v3.1) - User Side af-test-0097.000(132kb)April, 1998
Interoperability Test for PNNI Version 1.0 af-test-csra-0111.000(425kb)Feb, 1999
PICS Proforma for UNI 3.1 Signalling (Network Side) af-test-csra-0118.000(313kb)May, 1999
ATM Forum Performance Testing Specification af-test-tm-0131.000(653kb)Oct, 1999
Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS)Proforma Style Guide af-test-0137.000(122kb)Mar, 2000
Conformance ATS for PNNI Routingaf-test-0155.000(905kb)
October, 2000
Conformance ATS for PNNI Signallingaf-test-0156.000(1.5m)
October, 2000
Conformance ATS for ABR Source and Destination Behaviorsaf-test-tm-0157.000(572kb)
January, 2001
UNI Signalling Performance Test Suiteaf-test-0158.000(601kb)October, 2000
ATM Inter-Network Interface (AINI) Specificationaf-test-0158.001(2,5mb)July, 2002
Introduction to ATM Forum Test Specifications, Version 2.0 af-test-0177.000(97kb)Oct, 2001
Abstract Test Suite for UNI 3.1 Network side af-test-0090.002(10.0mb)August, 2002
Abstract Test Suite for UNI 4.0 Network Side af-test-0190.000(22.8mb)
(.mp zip version)(225kb)
(.fmversion) (651kb)
October, 2002
Traffic Management(See UNI 3.1,af-uni-0010.002)
Traffic Management 4.0 af-tm-0056.000(454kb)Apr, 1996
Traffic Management ABR Addendum af-tm-0077.000(8kb)Jan, 1997
Traffic Management 4.1 af-tm-0121.000(710kb)March, 1999
Addendum to TM 4.1:Differentiated UBRaf-tm-0149.000(48kb)July, 2000
Addendum to Traffic Management v4.1 optional minimum desired cell rate indication for UBRaf-tm-0150.000(33kb)July, 2000
Voice & Telephony over ATMCircuit Emulation Service 2.0 af-vtoa-0078.000(306kb)Jan, 1997
Voice and Telephony Over ATM to the Desktop af-vtoa-0083.000(126kb)May, 1997
Voice and Telephony over ATM to the Desktop af-vtoa-0083.001(142kb)Feb, 1999
(DBCES) Dynamic Bandwith Utilization in 64 KBPS Time Slot Trunking Over ATM - Using CES af-vtoa-0085.000(80kb)July, 1997
ATM Trunking Using AAL1 for Narrow Band Services v1.0 af-vtoa-0089.000(93kb)July, 1997
ATM Trunking Using AAL2 for Narrowband Services af-vtoa-0113.000(184kb)Feb, 1999
Low Speed Circuit Emulation Service af-vtoa-0119.000(62kb)May, 1999
ICS for ATM Trunking Using AAL2 for Narrowband Services af-vtoa-0120.000136kb)May, 1999
Low Speed Circuit Emulation Service (LSCES)Implementation Conformance Statement Proformance af-vtoa-0132.000(59kb)Oct, 1999
Loop Emulation Service Using AAL2 af-vmoa-0145.000(264kb)July, 2000
Loop Emulation Service Using AAL2 File Transfer Addendumaf-vmoa-0174.000(104kb)Oct, 2001
Loop Emulation Service Using AAL2af-vmoa-0175.000(290kb)Oct, 2001
Loop Emulation Service Using AAL2 Rev 1af-vmoa-0145.001(386kb)February, 2003
User-Network Interface (UNI)ATM User-Network Interface Specification V2.0af-uni-0010.000June, 1993
ATM User-Network Interface Specification V3.0af-uni-0010.001(1.9mb)Sep, 1993
ATM User-Network Interface Specification
V3.1 (See UNI 3.1 af-uni-0010.002)
Frame Relay Forum Implementation Agreements
Implementation AgreementDownload/ViewDate Approved
PVC User-to-Network Interface (UNI) Implementation AgreementFRF.1.2
July 2000
Frame Relay Network-to-Network Interface (NNI) Implementation AgreementFRF.2.2
March 2002
Frame Relay Multiprotocol Encapsulation Implementation AgreementFRF.3.2
April 2000
SVC User-to-Network Interface (UNI) Implementation AgreementFRF.4.1
January 2000
Frame Relay/ATM PVC Network Interworking ImplementationFRF.5
December 1994
Frame Relay Service Customer Network Management Implementation Agreement (MIB)FRF.6
March 1994
Frame Relay Service Customer Network Management Implementation AgreementFRF.6.1
September 2002
Frame Relay PVC Multicast Service and Protocol DescriptionFRF.7
October 1994
Frame Relay/ATM PVC Service Interworking Implementation AgreementFRF.8.2
February 2004
Frame Relay/ATM PVC Service Interworking Implementation AgreementFRF.8.1
February 2000
Data Compression Over Frame Relay Implementation AgreementFRF.9
January 1996
Frame Relay Network-to-Network SVC Implementation AgreementFRF.10.1
September 1996
Voice over Frame Relay Implementation AgreementFRF.11.1
May 1997 - Annex J added March 1999
Frame Relay Fragmentation Implementation AgreementFRF.12
December 1997
Service Level Definitions Implementation AgreementFRF.13
August 1998
Physical Layer Interface Implementation AgreementFRF.14
December 1998
End-to-End Multilink Frame Relay Implementation AgreementFRF.15
August 1999
Multilink Frame Relay UNI/NNI Implementation AgreementFRF.16.1
May 2002
Frame Relay Privacy Implementation AgreementFRF.17
January 2000
Network-to-Network FR/ATM SVC Service Interworking Implementation AgreementFRF.18
April 2000
Frame Relay Operations, Administration and Maintenance Implementation AgreementFRF.19.1
April 2007
Frame Relay IP Header Compression Implementation AgreementFRF.20
June 2001

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