Monday April 10th Brussells

Broadband workshop: 5G: “What’s fixed got to do with it?”

The Broadband Forum’s answer is “Everything!” With 28 billion devices expected to be connected to 5G will never achieve full functionality through wireless networks alone and must be backed by a world-class fixed network. This workshop explores how from radios to wires to Cloud Broadband Forum creates a holistic view of 5G as key contributor to the next generation of mobile communications

Manuel Paul, Senior Expert, Deutsche Telekom, Broadband Forum Board Member and 5G Project Lead
Andrew Malis, Distinguished Engineer, Huawei, Broadband Forum Distinguished Fellow
Bruno De Troch, IP Product Line Manager, EMEA, Nokia





Setting the Context for 5G and Broadband
Manuel Paul

Introducing the Forum’s new work on both 5G wireless-wireline convergence and 5G transport in the context of the Forum’s holistic approach to Broadband.
The session covers the relationship with this work and the Forum’s CloudCO, NFV enabled work, Connected User, Gigabit Access and Open Broadband.


5G Fixed Mobile Convergence
Manuel Paul

This Fixed Mobile convergence session covers 

  • Where it has come from and where it is going
  • Challenges of full convergence
  • Challenges of network slicing
  • Activities including work with 3GPP
  • The Forum’s investigative projects on FMC including work with 3GPP
  • Deployment strategies and hybrid solutions





5G Transport
Andrew Malis

The 5G Transport Session

  • Where it has come from and where it is going
  • Challenges of integrating 5G into the transport network (backhaul, fronthaul)
  • Challenges of network slicing, how it is similar and different from VPNs
  • Activities including work with other SDOs (e.g., ITU-T, IETF, 3GPP & others)


Panel Discussion
Bruno De Troch 

Summary and Q&A Panel session with presenters Manuel Paul and Andrew Malis


For further information visit www.broadband-forum/5g