The Network Enhanced virtual Residential Gateway

Bringing NFV and SDN to the Broadband home

The Network Enhanced Residential Gateway (TR-317)

The Network Enhanced Residential Gateway provides requirements for a virtualized end-to-end architecture. TR-317’s virtual Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) eliminates the need to provision and attach new services directly to an end-user’s Residential Gateway and enables Service Providers to do this centrally from their Cloud infrastructures, giving the potential for an enhanced customer experience and significant cost savings.

The Network Enhanced Residential Gateway and its elements

The Network Enhanced Residential Gateway introduces NFV distributed, virtualized compute, storage and network concepts and SDN style management. It provides continuity with existing TR-069 installations and also enables long term hybrid Broadband networking with seamless migration for installing service providers.

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Bridged Residential Gateway (BRG) – the residual processing functions still located at the residential customer premises, configured as a managed bridge connecting its LAN/Wi-Fi interfaces and the BRG-LSL interface. (conforms to IEEE 802.1D and 802.1Q).

virtual Gateway (vG) – The set of networking and service related Network Functions that are hosted in the provider network. At a minimum, it provides Network Functions for the termination of the LSL in the NSP’s network, IP address management.Logical Subscriber Link (LSL) – the subscriber specific logical point-to-point layer 2 connection between the BRG and the vG.

Why this is important

Service Providers will be able to deploy new services faster, and to personalize end-user packages, eventually creating significant additional revenue streams. Quality of Service could also be enforced on a per device, and/or per user and/or per service basis, improving the broadband customer experience, which is particularly important with the advent of new and more demanding services.

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TR-317 Co-editors: David Minodier, Orange and Gregory Dalle, Juniper Networks